Day 19: Calling on the Maiden

Pick or buy fresh flowers today. Place them in front of you. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Smell the sweet scent of the flowers in front of you. Relax your body from head to toe with each exhalation. Once you are relaxed fully, imagine that you stand in a vast, grassy field facing the east. It is dawn. With your spirit-voice, internally change the name of one maiden goddess. Watch for her to appear on the horizon, holding flowers.

She will approach you and hand you several flowers, one at a time. With each flower she gives you, she will name a trait that is important for you to develop in order to access her power. Once she finishes handing you flowers, bid her farewell. Return to the place where you began your journey and open your eyes.

For the remainder of the day embrace the traits or qualities the maiden has given to you.

Purty flowers.

Purty flowers.

I do love this meditation. I remember when I did it just about a year ago…it was a pretty powerful experience. Since it is about the same time now as it was then, a lot of the same wild flowers were available, so I picked some tiger lilies…and threw in a day lily and some black-eyed susans from our garden for good measure. None of them are particularly fragrant flowers, so I had a nice cup of jasmine tea before beginning the meditation.

It was difficult to get into the swing of things, and the meditation itself more or less resembled a post modern cinematic experience than anything else: intense closeups, Picasso-like fragmentation of image, and no sense of chronology whatsoever. However, some things did come to light.

I found myself in a lawn space, a sort of valley surrounded by low hills. It was barely dawn…the gray light of early morning was just beginning to acquire rose tones. And I shouted out “Athena!”

She is the same goddess I called the last time I did the meditation, and choosing her is something that still surprises me. She is technically a maiden goddess, yes, but her energy just seems more crone-like to me. She’s a goddess of war and wisdom, after all. She tells you how it is without mincing words. She’s not particularly maiden-like. She’s not even particularly feminine.

Yet, she appeared much like last time. Tall, with soft, wavy brown hair and a pretty face. Her whole bearing, however, was commanding. And she was positively surrounded by scads of daisies.

It was so incongruous. Athena is just so adult and daisies are so childlike. She leveled me with a gaze–and looked mildly annoyed, if I’m honest–and said simply “Live. Find Joy.” Then she turned on her heel and all the daisies turned into scarlet roses as she walked away and the meditation fragmented into noise.

It’s interesting to compare this experience to that of last years. Both messages were largely the same, but this one was so much more expedient. And I cannot say I have lived or found much joy in the past year. No wonder she was annoyed. The daisies to roses was certainly a surprise. Daisies are so simple. They’re carefree and happy–a perfect maiden flower. But roses…they have expectations. They lead to change. I think I know what it means, and it scares me.


5 thoughts on “Day 19: Calling on the Maiden

  1. Hi there! A colleague recommended your blog to me, partially because I am living in Olympia too!

    I quite like Athena and think she is more mature than many ‘maidens’. But in the triple goddess scheme, mother involves giving birth, which Athena doesn’t do. She is also not attached to any male. She is her own, which is another interpretation of ‘virgin.’ I think Athena is a great goddess for a mature maiden!

    • I think so, too!

      I hope you enjoy the blog (which is a little odd for me to say…it’s almost like “I hope you enjoy reading my journal”), and–hey!–if you’re ever down for any Olympia shenanigans, feel free to drop me a line. I’m always down for local community networking! You can contact me through the “About & Contact” section.

  2. The first time I did this, I chose Brigid (or whichever variation of the name you prefer) and had her tell me to remember my innocent times and be more loving. The last time (however long ago) I chose Persephone and she reminded me of the importance to explore my shadowy side for balance. I saw myself reborn as a Phoenix.

  3. Hello, I have to say your blog helped me extremely. I was having a very hard time connecting with Rhiannon, because I don’t know it just was difficult for me to grasp onto, but I did indeed ask how would I know, -and I looked into her eyes as she instructed me to do so and it was actually quite blinding and then I knew . I came to comment today to say thank you for helping me with this exercise.

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