Day 16: Divine Polarity in the Sky

You’d have to be either completely ignorant of Wicca or a downright fool to think that Wiccans worship the sun and the moon. That would be like thinking Catholics worship statues.

We do, however, highly revere them as symbols. As Roderick notes, without either one, life on this planet would shrivel up and die. We rely on the sun to give us light, which literally and figuratively feeds us. We rely on the moon to regulate our tides, which in turn helps to regulate cyclical weather. The cycle of day and night give us time to be active and a time to rest. Because of this, we see the sun as representing masculine, active god energy and the moon as representing feminine, receptive energy. And, as Roderick rightly says, “the interplay of the sun and the moon gives rise to the Wiccan mythology suggesting that god and goddess not only maintain all life but infuse it.”

Exercise: Solar and Lunar

Use the list you developed in yesterday’s exercise to help you think of your life in four basic categories: your thoughts, your activity, your feelings, and your body. Consider whether the sun or the moon best represents your energy in each of the four categories. For example, someone whose thoughts are solar would have linear, analytical thinking much of the time. Someone whose thoughts were lunar would have more intuitive and circular thinking processes. Below is a list of words that can help you discover your own symbolic representational energies of both moon and sun in your four categories.


Active, lively, vigorous, dynamic, direct, orderly, energetic, bold, assertive, proactive, confident, assured, logical, rational, careful, sequential, cheery, high-spirited, joyful, vain, haughty, pompous, hot-headed, muscular, angular, thin, firm.


Receptive, indirect, passive, reflexive, reactive, subtle, fine, understated, circular, inclusive, intuitive, spontaneous, holistic, reflective, moderate, introspective, moody, disorganized, insecure, timid, apprehensive, emotional, touchy, round, soft, plump.

My thoughts, activity, feelings and body you say? Well, let’s start with the easiest. My body is so moon, there’s no question about it. Plump and soft are incredibly kind words.

As far as my thoughts go…I’d like to say they are active and vigorous, but they generally follow circular and intuitive trains. My activity tends to be more reflexive than proactive, and while I am rather vain and pompous, my feelings generally slide toward the introspective, timid, and apprehensive. So I think that I’ve got conditions of both in most categories, but eventually come out as lunar on all counts.

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