Very occasionally, Roderick appends an odd little bit of information to a day. There’s just such one of these appendages between Day 18 and 19 on Chakras. The information below is taken directly from it.


Chakras are seven wheel-like energy centers that reside within the body. Anodea Judith, author of Wheels of Life, describes chakras as “Swirling intersections of vital force.” Each of the chakras governs aspects of our consciousness.

Locations of the Chakras

  • The point between anus and genitals–1st or root chakra
  • Just above genitals–2nd or genital chakra
  • Just below navel–3rd or solar plexus chakra
  • Center of chest–4th or heart chakra
  • Hollow or base of throat–5th or throat chakra
  • Center of brow, between eyes–6th or pineal or third-eye chakra
  • Top of head–7th or crown chakra

What Each Chakra Governs

  1. Root, grounding, connection to earth
  2. Sexual activity
  3. Anger, mastery, control
  4. Love, compassion
  5. Communication
  6. Conscious awareness, psychic activity
  7. Connection with deity

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